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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and the accused hostage taker jimmy dykes is dead. the ambulance was seen leaving where the boy had been held in an under ground bunker since being kidnapped off his school bus last tuesday. police there say jimmy dykes shot and killed the 66-year-old bus driver. authorities have been negotiating with dykes ever since as the ordeal dragged on into 7th day today and then the break late this afternoon. here's fbi special agent in charge steve richardson. >> within the past 24 hours, negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically
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unharmed and being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> the fbi steve richardson did not say whether the 65-year-old jimmy dykes killed himself or was shot and killed by police. again, the week long hostage stand off is over. much more for you on this on our 10:00 news cast. >> with your weather alert this evening, light snow on the way. a storm system headed towards the region. what's become kind of a weekly thing now. >> almost daily right? a couple rounds of waves of light snow. if you are keeping track since friday, this might be our fourth round. this one to promote a few advisories. start with radar and show you where this is. you are starting to get light snow. the closest it's gotten to metro washington is starting to show a few light
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flurries into the frederick area. continue pushing to the east. you know the drill with clippers. light amounts of snow. they move really fast. timing is everything. and here we go with our sun going down at 5:33. this will just be beginning. i bet we get this evening commute in okay. a little later on keep an eye on temperatures and fast moving snow. just want to show you this goes until 6:00 in the morning for frederick county and washington county. you may get an inch or two up there. the rest of us are going to get a small amount somewhere under an inch. let's track it with you and show how we expect things to go coming your way in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. another big story. this image of the president with a rifle bringing the gun control debate back to center stage. traveled to the midwest to put pressure on law makers. tom joins us now. this trip expected to be the first of many. >> the administration's goal is
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to build on what it sees as momentum following last week's hearing on gun control. supporters of the president's plan say time is important. they want to hold on to the public's attention. gun rights advocates say is they saw a rush to pass new gun laws in their view has eased. >> president obama led a round table in an effort to rewrite gun laws. >> which don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> that something includes 23 gun control proposals the president endorsed after the school shooting. limiting ammunition clips and expanding background checks. >> we're not going to save every life but we can make a difference. and that's our responsibility as americans. >> but the head of the nra says instead of limiting gun use by people who follow the law,
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shouldwork to end laws that allow mentally unstable people to buy guns. >> they won't do it. the hppa laws won't do it. we're all for it. but it's not. >> over the weekend is a lead up to the president's speech. released a picture of him skeet shooting last summer. also showed up during the superbowl. >> america can do this. for us. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg's gun control group paid $100,000 to air an ad in dc while at baltimore in a gun control forum. focused on maryland's priorities. >> mental health and those who have domestic violence issues are two of the places you see the most. >> critics of the president's proposals claim the administration is moving too fast. >> 300 million guns in the country and aren't going away. >> says there are already
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plenty of gun control laws on the books and argues the government should enforce the laws it already has before passing new ones. >> we can use existing laws but sometimes we have to understand that in a free society where people are allowed to have guns. >> the administration is just getting started. the president is expected to highlight gun control during the state of the union next week. >> and as we said this trip to minnesota is just the latest in what is expected to be a series of high profile trips by a white house official. vice president joe biden brought the gun control debate during a visit to the state capitol in virginia. >> the edge on virginia where a senate committee rejected a proposal to allow background checks for private sales. the proposal would help sellers who want to access the database. licensed gun dealers must
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conduct background checks. virginia state law does not require gun checks between individuals. in virginia, the state wants to ban a use of drones. talk about those unmanned aircrafts used by the military. state senate committee has backed a two year moratorium. law enforcement groups oppose the ban saying it's necessary to keep people safe. new secretary of state john kerry wasted no time getting to work. greeted by diplomates as he arrived for his first day on the job. huge honor but comes with heavy responsibility. >> i guarantee you beginning this morning when i report for duty up stairs, everything i do will be focused on the security and safety of our people. we have tough decisions to make but i'll do everything i can to live up to the high standards that secretary clinton and her team put in place.
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>> kerry represented massachusetts in the senate for almost 30 years. the edge on maryland, more legal trouble for disgraced john leopold. two former county employees. different reasons for wrong full termination. found guilty last week of two counts for misconduct. a news alert out of arlington, virginia. thieves smashed their way into a jewelry store at the pentagon city mall. four masked men used hammers to smash the display case after getting away in a car and smashed through a gate leaving the mall. straight ahead here on the news edge, a u.s. senator defends a message. some are calling racist. >> this is a building designed for the people who help keep all of us safe. and about to open. i'm beth parker.
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the story coming up. >> the parade route is set for after the ravens return home. touched down at bwi moments ago. a recap ahead in the sports edge. >> and taco bell's superbowl commercial was a hit among viewers. shows senior citizens blowing off steam and headed back to the nursing home where they topped off with a meal from taco bell. 
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arizona senator john mccain under fire. a tweet comparing is drawing criticism. michigan representative justin amish calls mccain's tweet racist. linking it to a recent port that the country putting monkey on a rocket. mccain sent out another
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tweet saying lighten up folks. can't everyone take a joke? maybe you should wise enup and not make racist jokes. a troubled soldier is on suicide watch after killing one of his own? tased and tied to a chair. accused of shooting navy seal. kyle took fellow soldiers who suffer from post traumatic stress as a form of therapy. turned his weapon on kyle and another man. the community is shocked. >> just unbelievable. unbelievable that he would snap like that. i guess, you know, service does funny things to people. >> kyle became famous for his best selling autobiography. faced two counts of capitol murder. for the first time we are hearing from the young girl shot in the head by the taliban for
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advocating. malala was on her way home from school. she was shot in the head. continues to fight for her cause. >> all of them have prayed for me. and because of these prayers god has given me this new life. and this is the second life. this is a new life. and i want to serve. i want to serve the people and i want every girl, every child to be educated. >> malala writes a blog about life. made the short list for person of the year 2012. her shooting brought attention to the struggle for women's rights in that country. just ahead here, inside a brand new facility designed to help families of wounded warriors. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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visible wounds. thousands of others deal with pain we cannot see. now, some of them can take comfort in a new home away from home. beth parker has that story. >> reporter: every inch of this place has to sparkle. >> it reminded me of like a resort. >> there is golf. but this is no resort. this is the uso warrior and family center. >> it's really the first facility of its kind. >> helped designed the place including this kitchen. >> this space needs to perform like a commercial facility. but it was important that it didn't feel institutional. you see a lot of wood, stone. warm materials everywhere to give that sense of home. >> this is the video game room. >> you can take a swing on a virtual golf course. >> gets us away. gives you a chance to get away.
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>> retired sergeant first class joe belger was hit in 2004. >> split second i heard and blue up behind me. >> went through bone and artery. he now is able to play on the usa warrior hockey team but the long road to recovery was difficult especially on his kids. >> not having an area or place for him to hang out. all they could do is be with me in the hospital room. >> want to show you how close this new facility is to the place wounded warriors are treated. look back over my shoulder. there is a parking garage and beyond it that gray and red building, that is the community hospital. >> visible and invisible wounds. sometimes the invisible ones are harder to tweet. >> hopes people will leave here feeling renewed. beth parker fox 5 news.
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>> all right. got another clipper headed our way. >> yeah. all the kids are like can we get a whole day off with this? another light dusting but maybe an inch or two up to the north. maybe frederick and northern areas might get a little more. it's not breaking out here in dc yet. we'll show you radar. looks to me like the closest it is along either side of interstate 81. that means when it does roll into the district it will get cold. this will stick to things. so here it is, another clipper come rg and you can see what we're talking about. wider view and as usual, this isn't going to take long to move through the area. i've been looking at the observations in ohio to see what it's been dropping and general one inch was the most common number. a couple places got an inch and a half out of it. we may see the exact same thing around here.
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farther south possible as it comes through some of the areas south of dc. might mix with a little rain. not sure you are going to see snow out of this out of the southern portion of the beltway. the clipper bregade does continue. let's talk about this one and what you can expect through the evening. we expect to have light snow. again, fast moving but a small accumulation. it will be a little heavier north and west. in these scenarios, maybe there could be a couple two hour delays toward the hagerstown. a coating to a half inch for most of us. couple places closer into town might get an inch. best chance is north of dc. and long gone by 3:00 in the morning. road crews will be able to get ahead of this one, that's for sure. wanted you to see the advisories. they are widespread through west virginia. heavier snow in the mountains. and most of us don't have a winter weather advisory. not expected to cause problems
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for the commute. frederick, into washington county. over into alleganey count aye and extreme northern virginia. so actually just a little west of there. high temperature today, cold enough for snow. 36 at regan and dulles. 35 at bwi. temperatures dropping now. a lot of dry air. the snow has to really saturate the ground before it can breakthrough the dry layer. 32 in gaithersburg. and temperature has dropped to 30 degrees. overnight it will probably be a little cooler than where we are now. upper 20s to 30. cold enough so that snow will stick. and here's what we're thinking in terms of accumulation. notice dc very little if anything. a coating to one inch. and probably
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closer to a coating to a half inch. in the brighter blue, that's where we think one maybe two inches could fall. i'll show you future cast. it looks like this is out of here pretty quickly. lingers over the northern counties. and tomorrow night we have one more. it's only going to dip down into northern maryland and move on out. the next one looks like it misses us. your fox 57 day forecast. temperatures rebounding a little out of the 30s and into the 40s. as we look toward the weekend, a couple showers possible friday and maybe showers on monday. and what's this? 50s on the map. did not see his shadow. that means an early spring. >> we hope. >> we hope. >> thank you, sue. today the nation remembers civil right's icon rosa parks. the post office unveiled a forever stamp. and that goes on sale today. a british patient is not a
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barrier place fit for a king. researchers say that is where they've discovered the remains of king richard the third. 500 year old remains. dna matches a sample taken from a distant relative of king richard's sister. remembered as the superbowl when the lights went out. how the delay affected the game. scott smith up next with your sports edge. orts edge. >> celebrities were in awe of beyonce's superbowl performance. the former basketball show posted a video of him singing along. i can feel your halo. beyonce was fabulous. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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time for sports. i'm scott smith. joe flacco just won the
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superbowl. what's he going to do now? disney world is just the start of it. highest paid quarterbacks in the league following his mvp performance last night. the battle between brothers, the har-bowl. a chance to elevate his status among the nfl qbs. three, first half touchdowns including this 56 yarder to jones. 287 yards passing. 11 post season touchdowns this year. no interceptions and a 117 quarterback rating. niners got to within 5. michael crabtree tangled up with jimmy smith. no flags thrown. 34-31 the final. ray lewis goes out with second championship and older tops younger with the sibling rivalry. >> the only thing that would have been worse if one of us wasn't there. and the only
6:25 pm
thing worse than that is neither one of us there. it was still pretty rough. it was tough. toughest moment of all was walking across the field. if you can imagine, you feel an incredible amount of elation with an incredible amount of devastation. and those two feelings went hand in hand. and i'm still feeling it. >> the turning point was when the lights turned off. start of the second half, the super dome power went out. a 34 minute delay. once power returned, the niners stole all the momentum scoring 17 straight points. the ravens did just enough to hang on. dunbar high grad vernon davis put the loss in perspective. >> we have to look at this as a blessing. we didn't have to be here but we made it. and we have next year. we have next season. we might as well look forward to next season and keep our hopes high. and continue to climb. >> so this video just a short
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while ago. the ravens touching down at 5:04 p.m. back in baltimore where the victory parade will kick off tomorrow starting at 10:45 a.m. another tough loss by the caps against the penguins. the game got away in the second period. game tied at two. surrendered two goals in a 33 second span. both goals from the same spot just handcuffed a pivotal moment in that game. got away ending in a 6-3 loss. >> it's a mental changer. you know, probably the third one especially. feel like that's well. the ones where if you are going to win games, make some changes. >> tomorrow night the caps back on the ice hosting. and one final college note,
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georgetown is ranked 20th in this week. >> let's head down to shawn yancy for a look at what's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> what police call an affective tool against car thieves. tonight in a fox 5 investigation, we're showing you how this operation works. also, a smash and grab caught on camera. thieves got away with $128,000 worth of jewelry. more on the investigation and reaction from mall shoppers. those stories and much more tonight at 10:00. >> thanks. and now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here tonight at 10:00. the news edge is always on. have a fantastic night. stay out of the snow.
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